In France class we like to be healthy. We all love P.E. and we all do exercise at home when we play with our friends. We also like to eat healthy food. Being healthy in France class is lots of fun, just have a look. Can you see the apple face Jennifer made?

image image_1Another part of being healthy is brushing your teeth. In France class we watched a video on how to brush your teeth properly. We picked up a few tips that we didn’t know. For example everyone should brush their teeth twice a day for 2 minutes at a time. We also sang a song about brushing our teeth, check it out

We used what we were learning about healthy teeth to make an experiment about saving energy. We wanted to see how much water it took to brush our teeth each time. We chose two people to brush their teeth for 2 minutes, except one person had to use the tap and the other a cup of water. Guess who used the most water!!

image_6 (2) image_5 (2)


Yes you guessed it! The person who wasted lots of water was using the tap. In fact the person using the tap to brush their teeth used 60 cups of water instead of 1! Noon and Dovydas had so much fun doing this experiment, they even got new toothbrushes as prizes for taking part and we all learned not to leave the tap on when brushing our teeth.



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