On M0nday Iceland class had p.e at 11 am. We had a long session while doing fun stuff like hurdles. Each student had a chance to jump over the hurdles. It started off with tiny hurdles and if you hit a hurdle you had to sit down. Overtime the hurdles increased in height.during the final hurdles when they were 50cm tall our writer Darragh made it over all the hurdles as well as our other writer Rhiana. On Tuesday we did our monthly maths test on the chromebooks through our gmail accounts we all tried our best. Wednesday had the football match of the century Darragh had 3 attempts at goal and missed and charlie scored like 3 times and I don’t remember  anything else. Thursday on lunch we watched the rugby match against Russia. Ireland won against Russia with a score of 35 nil to Ireland. Iceland class also learned about how to recycle glass. Friday Iceland class had maths stations like tri facta and word problems. finally Darragh and Rhiana started writing this news letter. We hope you enjoyed reading the Iceland class news.


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