New Lucan Common Enrolment System

The new Lucan Common Enrolment System (LCES) comes into effect beginning February 1st, 2015. From this date no applications under first-come-first-served will be accepted, except for parents applying for September 2015.  Applications for 2016 will be accepted through the LCES system from 1st October 2015.

What if I have already made an application under the first-come-first-served system?

The Boards of Managements of the four participating schools in the LCES will honour all applications made prior to the commencement of the LCES, provided such applications comply with the criteria set out in their respective enrolment policies. The schools will continue to honour all first-come-first-served applications for the coming years, and the LCES will assign places to children only after all the original applications have been honoured.

As with all pre-enrolment policies, receipt of the application does not guarantee that the child will be offered a place.

Please read the new policy on our website.