On Saturday 31st of January Brazil, Norway and China classes participated in the Peace Proms concert. It took place in the RDS. We arrived at school at twenty to five and the bus left at 4:50pm.

We sang songs all the way to the RDS. It was very busy with many schools attending. They made sure we all wore black and white because it had a nice effect on stage.

Before the show we had to rehearse the songs and the dance moves. The conductor was making sure we sang out loud and remembered the dance moves.

After rehearsal we had a small break before we went on stage. When the audience arrived and everyone was seated the talented orchestra played an intro.

We performed a lot of songs along with the dance moves. There were other acts, singers and dancers that performed with the orchestra in the background. It was an amazing night with laughter and cheering and everyone enjoyed themselves and the teachers were very proud. 🙂


Divine & Cheta


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