The PTA is running the following list of events over the coming months.
We would love to see you at these events and hope they prove to be enjoyable
and successful experiences for everyone who gets involved. If you have any
questions or ideas about any of the items listed here please see Amy
(chairperson of the PTA) or ask Lesley (school secretary) who will put you in
contact with the Parents committee. These events need your support. Everything
the parents committee do is in the interest of making our school the best it
can be. Please help them by coming along and supporting some of the following:

Coffee Mornings

These are informal gatherings where parents with children in the same
class get to sit and have a chat together over a cup of coffee. It’s just about
getting to know the other Mams and Dads and if you have younger children they
are more than welcome to come along. The mornings are held in the parents room
which is equipped with toys for the younger children and tea, coffee and
biscuits for the Mams and Dads. Your child’s class is listed here along with
the day and time that parents from your childs class are invited to come along.

Tuesday  21st Feb                   Canada

Thursday 23rd Feb                  India

Tuesday  28th Feb                   Denmark

Thursday  1st March               Australia 

Tuesday    6th March              France

Thursday  8th March              Romania

Tuesday 13th March               Spain

Thursday 22nd March             Norway

 Tuesday 27th March               China

 Thursday 29th March             Egypt


Summer Fair

This years summer fair is going to be bigger and better than ever! After
the success of previous years we have a lot to live up to so we are looking for
your support in the run up to this special occassion. Nothing has been decided
yet but there has been talk about mobile farms, inflatable jungles and much
more. If you have any ideas about how to make our fair the biggest and best one
to date we would love to hear from you! This event is one of our big
fundraisers and the money goes to buying and maintaining technology in the

Parents Food Gala

This is a social night out for the parents of Lucan East ETNS. It will
take place in the school and should be a fantastic opportunity for us all to
get together, enjoy some delicious food and have a great night out. We are
hoping that there might be a babysitting service available for a small fee on
the night so that the children can be taken care of on site. The idea behind
this event is that there will be samples of delicious food from all over the
world. Of course we also hope to make some money for the school. What we propose
is that people coming to the event either brings a dish of food or pay €10 in,
whichever you prefer.

Book Fair

The book fair is organised by the school but needs parental involvement
to ensure opening times that suit parents. The aim is to open the fair 3 times
a day; 8:20 – 8:40, 1:10 – 1:40 and 2:10 – 2:40. It runs from the 20th
to the 27th of March. Helping out is easy, all you need to do is act
as shopkeeper collecting money for the books selected by the children. Thats
it! Also, if we sell for example €300 worth of books the Book Fair company will
reward us with half that amount in free books for the school. So the more we
sell, the more free books we earn for our school! If you can help us by giving
your time for one of the slots mentioned above on any of the dates we would be
delighted. Just leave your name with the school secretary letting us know the
date and time that you can do.

Womens Mini-Marathon

Get fit and raise some money for the school at the same time! The
parents committee of Lucan East are going to put together a team of mums/grandmas/aunts/sisters
to run in the mini marathon that takes place in June. If you are interested in
taking part we are holding a registration morning on in the hall of the school
next month. We would love to see as many women as possible joining up. Check
back here for registration details in the coming weeks.

Mad Hair Day

This is a fun day that we have planned for the children. On this date
the children can come to school with mad hair! This can involve mad hair in any
way you like, they can even wear a wig. The aim here is for the children to
have some fun whilst we raise some money for the school as they are asked to
bring in 2€ on the day.

WOW stands for Walk on Wednesdays. At Lucan East we are concerned about our
environment. We are also very interested in our childrens health and fitness
and so we are asking everyone to do their best to walk to school each
Wednesday. If you live far away why not park
a short distance from the school and walk the rest of your journey.


In the lead up to St. Patrick’s day the PTA will be selling you the
option of having a lovely piece of fresh shamrock to wear on the day. They are
great value and make fantastic gifts for those around you.

Seachtain na Gaeilge

This is ‘Irish Week’ in our school and is run during the month of March.
Some parents are thinking of coming in and doing some Arts and Crafts with the
children. If you could help out that would be fantastic.

Language of the Month

At Lucan East E.T.N.S. we celebrate a different language every month.
For example, this month we are celebrating Urdu. We are learning to speak some
simple phrases and we say these to each other throughout the month. Could you
help us with our pronunciations? Or maybe you have a story in your home
language that you could read to the children? If so we would love to hear from
you. Leave your contact details with our secretary, Lesley, and the parents
committee will be sure to get back to you.

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