Friday news

We are almost officially half way through the year. Today at assembly we spoke about the golden rules that we all follow in the school. These rules apply all members of our community which includes children, parents, teachers, staff and visitors to our school. We made a conscious decision to place our rules very prominently in the reception area of our building so every person who sets foot in our building is reminded about it. Take a look at these rules the next time you are in the building. The children all agreed that these rules form a good basis for all of us to live in harmony in the school.

You will notice the plans the PTA have for the coming months which are really exciting. The upcoming coffee mornings for each class will give the parents in each individual class a chance to meet one another and network with other parents in the class. I am really excited about the next year in the development of the school and we hope that our school can reach out to the community which will benefit us all. The Parent Teacher Association will kick off 2012 with a general meeting next Wednesday at 7.30pm in the school. I urge you all to attend.Have a great weekend,
Beir búa,
Eddie Fox Príomhoide