Brief Explanation Of How The School Books Club Works

Towards the end of each school year we all receive our book list bill , this can be a substantial amount of money especially when you have more then one child in the school.

This savings scheme gives parents the option to spread the cost over the course of the school year. You can give as much or as little as you like to either have the vast majority paid off by the end of the year, or the full amount.

If you are interested in joining, we will be having a registration day on Friday 28th of September from 9am in the school hall. You will be given a registration form to fill in, receive your record book and given a registration number. If you joined up last year and are an existing member we will still need you to update your form and card so it is important that you come along to the registration morning also.

The first monthly payment will start at 9am in the school hall on Wednesday the 3rd of October and it is important to bring along your card at all times. No monies will be collected other than on the listed mornings once a month, where the PTA will sit and take the money and record it in each members record book.

There will also be an option for those parents who work or find it hard to get into the school in the morning, to send their child in with their record book and monthly payment (within their brown envelope, which will be provided upon registration). On the monthly registration mornings,  there will be a box in each class where these envelopes will be collected, record card signed, and returned to the child.

List Of Dates School Book Club Will be Held:

Wednesday 7th November

Wednesday 5th December

Wednesday 9th January

Wednesday 5th February

Wednesday 6th March

Wednesday 10th April

Wednesday 15th May

Last payment will be made in June date to be confirmed closer to the time.


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