Last week was active schools week at Lucan East ETNS. Among the events that took place were:

  • The marathon challenge where the students ran the equivilent of a marathon.
  • An excellent day of orienteering organised by Paula around the school and its environs.
  • A soccer tournament for Rang 1 – Rang 6
  • Hip hop dance class for the younger children given by Jill O’Neill who runs a class in the school after school.
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Sports day – this was a brilliant day which had activities designed to get us all running, jumping and throwing.
  • Sponsnsored walk – The sponsored walk was a great success and it raised over €1200 euro which will go towards maths equipment for the school as well as supporting Lucan harriers in their efforts to secure a new mondo surface track for their facility which will be used by children from the school.

Many thanks to Paula and the PE committee who were the driving force behind active schools week. It was a really enjoyable week.


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