The Student Council have been working together for two years now and they have made a wonderful contribution to life here in Lucan East.

In term 1 the Student Council started off the year presenting at our 10 year celebrations event, they spoke about the theme of the celebrations: Learning, Growing and Working Together.

At the next meeting the student council discussed what charity they would like to help. They recognised homelessness as a big problem in our society and they decided to support a local charity that helps homeless people. The Student Council set to work organising boxes for each class to collect donations, posters to advertise the collection, adding details about the collection to the school website and speaking to their class group about the fundraiser. As a result many people benefited from all the items the Student Council collected. The PTA then packed the items and brought them to the charity. The PTA and the student council are to be commended for all their hard work on this very worthy cause.

In term 2 the Student Council looked at the UN convention on the Rights of the Child and discussed education rights. They reviewed the structure of Student Council meetings and  brought the Siopa Gaeilge to each class during our Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations. They also greeted people each morning at the front door with some beannachtaí!

The Student Council have been just as busy this term! They organised a whole school competition for ‘Plastic Free Lucan’ a campaign to stop single use plastic in their local community. They introduced the campaign at school assembly and in their classrooms. Then they collected all the competition entries for Lucan East. They have raised awareness of this very important issue among the children and families in our school community. We had four competition winners in our school one of which was a member of the Student Council. They all received lovely gift packs from the Plastic Free Lucan Campaign.

The Student Council have also been working as hall monitors. During break times the Student Council will give a golden ticket out to a child they see walking quietly when entering or exiting the building, then a winner is picked out at school assembly on Friday.

Most recently the Student Council have given out water safety wristbands to their class, each wristband shows what the flag means at life-guarded waterways. The Student Council explained this to each class so they would know when and where it was safe to swim.

We are very proud of our Student Council and all the work they have done this year. They have been great role models for all the students in our school.

Thank you Student Council!






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