Our Schools Winter Fair (December 2011)

Back in December we had our annual Winter Fair.
The Winter Fair was a great success, thanks to all the effort the parents put into organising it. Selling school calendars and raffle tickets everyday for 2 weeks, in the rain and heavy winds. The P.T.A. did a lot of advertising to make sure everyone know what to expect. They also worked very hard to ensure they had lots of volunteers to help out on the big day. So many people very kindly donated gifts for our raffle, as well as baking lots of yummy treats for the P.T.A. to sell. There was lots of ginger bread men and mince pies to be sold with hot chocolate. One of the mams made a fabulous Christmas Cake. We had a crafts fare inside and a car booth sale outside. We had a winter caravel with lots of fun games that the children loved. We spent Friday and Saturday evening at the school into the early hours of the morning setting up the games, craft stalls and of course Santa’s grotto. The parents committee lost count of the many tables they had to move around the now bigger school. But all the hard work paid off as they saw the faces of the children and parents alike. It was said to be an absolutely great success. All of us at Lucan East are looking forward to seeing how much money we raised, once all the change is brought to the bank. The P.T.A. are already planning lots of exciting activities for our Summer Fair, which we are sure will be just as successful 🙂




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