The day of our school Spring Clean arrived. It was a gorgeous sunny day, the 24th of March. The P.T.A. committee along with lots of other parents and Eddie arrived at the school equipped and ready for action. It was an early start, just before ten o’clock. But everyone was enthusiastic to do the work. Eddie put the radio on the speakers througout the school and everyone set off to clean. The school hall was first to receive our magic touch. We all chatted away easily to each other while cleaning. Some of the usual faces were there. But at the same time it was lovely to talk to new people that came to give their help. People that sometimes don’t get the opputunity to talk to each other, because of the busy drop offs and pick ups, now had the chance to get to know each other a little better. We even had a birthday girl share some of her birthday time cleaning with us. It was obvious that everyone had the same sense of teamwork. That we were all there for the common goal of helping our children’s school to be as clean and tidy as possible. With the school now having more rooms it is a bigger task to clean. So it was good to have many helping hands. All windows were washed on the inside and the lower ones on the outside too. All skirting boards were given a good scrub. The area where the bookfair had been held was scrubbed clean. The stubborn crayon on the inside of the lift doors was tackled and conquered. All floors were mopped and the side kitchen and staff room were the finishing touches. We are lucky to have full time cleaners in the school but of course there is only so much that they can manage to fit in on a daily basis. So days like the Spring Clean are very important. All that attended agreed that it was actually a Fun day. Hard work, but at the same time good fun. It was so nice to do something productive in the lovely sunny weather! The children that came with parents commented at different times that it was so nice to have their mams and dads helping in their school. The P.T.A hope to have another Spring Clean day before the school closes for the summer holidays. The more people that attend the more fun we can have and the better outcome that can be acheived. Everyone finished the day having a well deserved break. There were yummy treats and a variety of drinks and a big pot of leek and potato soup. The doors were closed behind us just before 4 o’clock leaving us all with a good feeling of accomplisment.

 The school would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped out during this years Spring Clean!



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