Message from the PTA

To all parents at Lucan East ETNS
Aims of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

To promote and strengthen the spirit of the school
• To ensure the continued welfare and development of the school.
• To promote understanding between parents,teachers,management and children.
• To encourage and facilitate parental activity in the life of the school.
• To raise funds in support of the school aims
• To assist the school where help is needed.
PTA to date has raised over €6000 through monthly car boot sales, school calendars, shamrock sales, mini marathon sponsorships, book fairs, Fundays and the winter fair.
With the funds raised we have purchased a professional keyboard, finger protectors on all doors, garden materials, maths for fun equipment, benches for the yard and equipment for our new hall.
We also hold regular coffee mornings, which will start up again soon. They are an informal means of parents getting together and getting to know each other and sharing news and concerns. Talkers can be arranged for these mornings if the parents have issues they would like to be discussed.
We have, in the past, had to organize parking attendants in the school car park but if all parents continue to park considerately and parents of older children use the roundabout as a drop off point, this will hopefully, not be necessary this year.
The PTA rules are that no officer shall serve more than 2 years in any 4 years. Therefore, I must resign this year as chairperson. Any parent interested in this position is more that welcome to submit their name to the vote to take over. We also are accepting names for a new secretary and treasurer. You will be fully supported in any of these positions. You can submit your name at the AGM and we will vote at the first PTA meeting following that. Our AGM will be held on 5th October 2011 at 7.30 pm. I look forward to seeing familiar faces there and excited to welcome all the new parents.

Thank you,
Neysa Tormey.
Chairperson PTA