A big thank you to all the parents who came to our class meetings this week. It shows how much you all care about your child’s education. If you missed the meetings for any reason you can get your child’s teacher to email out the handout.
We have recently bought new playground equipment and soon we will be asking the children to give us any ideas that they have for the yard. Many thanks to all the parents who are following our driving rules in the morning and helping to keep all our children safe.
This week parents and children from many schools in Lucan attended a protest on cuts to Special needs assistants in schools. SNA’s form a vital part of the school team and cuts to them are damaging the chances of children with special needs accessing mainstream education in any meaningful way. I would ask any parent in the school to not accept that the children should suffer for mistakes which others have made.
The school had a very successful fire drill this week and at assembly we celebrated the fact that Dublin are in the All Ireland Final for the first time in 16 years by singing Molly Malone.
All our extra curricular activities are up and running. We are delighted that demand for all our clubs is so high. The PTA will be holding its AGM on Tuesday 5th October. All are welcome to attend.



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