Parent Teacher Association Meeting 14th June 2012. Lucan East Educate Together National School 🙂

Attended by the following –

Amy Sines – Chair Person of P.T.A

Carol Hussey – Secretary of P.T.A

Linda Maher – Teacher representative on P.T.A

Jenny – Teacher (representing new school library)

Neysa Thormey – Member of the Board of management of the school.

Luca – Committee member.

Maria Reilly – Class rep for Australia class.

Jennie Byrne – Committee member.

Sinead Reilly – in charge of time banking.

Michelle kinsella -Committee member,

Sara qurashi – Committee member.

Michael Mishafed – Committee member.

Nadia Samulkova – Class rep for France class.

Items addressed at the meeting:

  • Organising school books for next year into colour coded bags. Parents to meet at 8:45am Friday the 15th Of June. Various other times to do this throughout the day were also discussed. Parents that are helping to decide amongst them self’s when they arrive at the school.
  • Last day of school book club is Tuesday the 19th of June. All outstanding balance has to be paid on this day. P.T.A will be in the school hall at 8:45am. Parents in the club can collect their children’s books then. Other parents who have paid for their children’s books (outside of the book club ) should collect their books from the school on Wednesday morning at 8:45 the 20th June. P.T.A will need the receipt of payment that leslie gave on payment to collect the books.
  • Book wrapping day. Jenny came to the meeting today to talk about the new school Library. She explained about the new book programme from Australia. There are 2000 books that are very expensive and need to be covered. Jenny has great covers that are going to increase the life span of these books hugely. Can we ask ALL parents to volunteer some amount of their time to take part in covering these books on Tuesday 26th June. times being decided, but more than likely it will be after school drop off and before school collections. ask Leslie to send a text out closer to the day. Jenny has promised light refreshment s while we work 🙂


  • Summer Fair…..
  1. Lack of volunteers at the winter fair was discussed. Plan made for P.T.A members to stand at school front on Monday & Tuesday. To ask Parents to volunteer some of their time on the day of the fair, or with setting up on the friday, or cleaning after the fair.
  2. Carnival Games – Neysa offered to Make the coconut shy and splat the rat games. Neysa is also going to find 4 volunteers for each of those games. 8 in total. each volunteer taking an hour at the game. Linda has agreed to organise the Water bomb game. Darren is organising the pop the balloons game. Lucky plate & hook the duck games – Jenny byrne & Neysa thormey are donating (on lend) the use of their paddling pools for these 2 games. Asteroid blaster game – Amy has this one organised. Tin can Alley and feed the animals games are already made and ready from the winter fair. Kids relay races – Linda is to double check if we have permission to use some of the schools sports equipment for this. Each game needs 4 volunteers. each doing an hour on the game. So then that way they are free to spend time enjoying the fair with family & Friends. overall there are 10 games in the carnival area. We need 40 volunteers for this area. ten for each hour of the fair. MAIN FOCUS OF MONDAY, TUESDAY MORNING. all games will cost 50 cent to play. relay races will cost 20c to play. There are a great variety of prizes for these games. (each costing 25c or 35c so profit here too)
  3. We have 3 mascots outfits. sponge bob (which amy will wear) St Bernard Dog costume and Spiderman outfit. We need to find someone willing to take photos of children with mascot of their choice. Each Mascots will be selling one of the following – bubbles gun, windmill toy, or various variety of balloons (blown up). These will be sold for 1 euro 25cent. To have your photo taken with the mascot is extra (how much?)
  4. Candy stop – Barry’s popcorn have gave us a great bargain. 90 tubes of candy floss for 90 euro. freshly popped popcorn for 100 portions for 15:50. Adding in the popcorn boxes for free. total for Candy stop is 205:50 outgo. selling candy floss at 2 euro a tub and popcorn at 1 euro a portion there is hopefully a profit of 90 euro on the candy floss, and 84:50. totalling 174:50 🙂 have to arrange collecting from barry’s on the friday.
  5. There will be 2 bouncy Castles at the fair. One with a slide and a smaller one. younger children will mainly be on the small castle. but at some stage in the day we will swop castles so that they have a turn with the slide. charging 2 euro for 15 minutes. limit of 10 children on each at a time. rope will be arranged to make a que for this. Carol will meet Paul (bouncy castle owner) at 10am on the morning of the fair. Castles are insured and rain proof.
  6. Margaret will be Face painting from 1pm till 3pm in the hall. 1 volunteer needed to help her with this (possibly Lucy Henwood – Class rep for Spain class)
  7. Parents are asked to bring salads, rices or pasta dishes on the morning of the fair, to go along side the bbq. Sara qurashi has agreed to help out with this. Might be good Idea to send a text to parents, or a note home, about this closer to the time of the fair. Luca will be in charge of the bbq. He needs one helper for this. At least 1 if not 2 helper’s needed to take money and serve (add sauces, dish out salads etc)
  8. Sara is looking after the Henna. She is to let us know if she needs a budget for this. But she thinks she wont at the moment.
  9. Margaret (School teacher) has asked if the gardening club can have a gardening stall on the day. To sell the things they have worked hard on. They will keep the money made from this to go towards the schools garden. In exchange for this the new school choir will open our Summer fair with some musical items 🙂
  10. Linda is asking superquinn about bread to sell on the day or to go with bbq. Carol is to email jmob about about buns for the burgers & hotdogs. Natalie has spoke to Dunne’s stores about a quote too.
  11. We have arranged 60 burgers & 60 sausages from the mill centre butchers for 50 euro. We’ve also arranged 72 halal beef burgers and 50-60 halal lamb sausages for 57 euro.
  12. Amy is to speak to Liz (P.T.A treasurer) to decide on number of floats needed and our budget overall. arrange change etc.
  13. We have been very lucky with donations at this fair and last. Jenny spoke about free advertising on the day of the fair and also in the winter brochure. Jennie byrne has got vouchers for a booth camp at her gym. We have smiths vouchers and couple of other donations over from the winter fair to use as prizes for the bigger games now. Eddie has kindly offered the use of his car for guess the balloons game. Linda is organising the guess the teacher game.
  14. Cake stall – parents will be asked to donate cakes for this stall. To bring them on the morning of the fair or with their child on the friday before. Maria has said she will arrange volunteers for this and oversee it.
  15. Advertising – Plain sheet needed for the big sign about the fair (Carol & Jennie). We have permission from South Dublin County Council to advertise via leaflet and posters up to 7 days before the fair. Darren is kindly organising these posters. Billy has designed leaflets & Darren has printed these already 🙂 We need to get these out and about ASAP.
  16. Extras – We need someone to man the car park? Does anyone have a chest freezer we could use for the day? Does anyone have pop up gazebos for the bbq (possibly Michelle)? Linda has said that we have 2 teachers willing to help us with setting up before the Fair.


  • And lastly…..

Volunteering – Earlier in the meeting Sinead explained a little more about the time banking scheme. It is very important that we make ALL parents aware of this. Each hour spent volunteering earns 1 time credit. More information on school website. 
I’m sorry that these minutes are very long. There was a lot discussed today and we think it is very important for all who attended to have a reminder of what they agreed to help with. But also for those that couldn’t attend, so they can see where help is still needed and volunteer their time too 🙂
We want to Thank you for your help in advance.
Carol Hussey & the P.T.A team 🙂

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