Information on Summer Fair from last P.T.A Meeting
Summer Fair 23rd June 2012, from 12 to 4pm-Theme Carnival Time

Budget to be decided on and stuck to

BBQ will run from 1pm to 3pm

Parents will be asked to donate salad, rice, and pasta dishes to accompany the barbeque

There will be 2 bbq’s used; 1 for halal meets and 1 for non halal meats

Foods decided on were burgers and sausages with the possibility of pork kebabs

Halal Menu plan to be decided, halal burgers, lamb kebabs? If anyone would like to offer some advice/suggestions here that would be fantastic

Food temperature monitor needed for safety

People needed to operate the bbq’s needed (background in food desirable and helpful) Please let us know if you could spend a little while that day helping with the bbq

We are trying to source a parent within the school with food catering background who would be willing to help?


Go Kart Track Are there any small, toy go-karts from parents?

Face Painting/Balloons

Bouncy Castle/Sumo Suits/bungee run or slide depending on best price found, possibility of making a ticket to be pre sold.

Henna We would love to find some volunteers from within the school who would be able to facilitate us with this and who would be willing to help on day. If each Class Rep could ask around and  get back to Amy if people are found willing and able to help with this.

New Game Ideas:

Guess the Baby: Baby pictures of teachers will be displayed, the person who can correctly guesses the most baby picture belonging to the teachers wins a prize

Anyone who owns a business or has contacts to and might be able to donate 3 prizes for this game  would be brilliant.

Coconut Shy: Can anyone make the stands needed and cheaply! (We will show you exaclty what we are looking for)

Hook The Duck: Small paddling pool needed just for the day.

Splat The Rat: Can anyone source guttering and make up game. Old sock to make rat and stuffing

Pop the Balloon: Board needs to be made and darts to burst Balloons

Lucky Plate Game: small paddling pool needed

Kids Relay: Sack race, egg and spoon race, tug of war

Asteroid Blaster-water pistol game to knock off a ball from a stand

Feed the Animals: not sure if this is going ahead or not?

Tin can Alley

Disco Room: To run from 2 to 4 as to not distract from out door games.

Cake Stall: We will be asking parents to donate cakes for a cake stall in the week leading up to the

Fair, these can then be given in Friday evening or first thing the morning of the fair.

Mascot selling Balloons

Main Prize Game For All

Car Fill: Needed small Car. Volunteer to blow up balloons and count how many to fill the car,
We hope to be selling candy floss and popcorn on the day. So far we are keeping it to the carnival theme and all the kids loved the candy floss sold at the winter fair, so much so that it was sold out in minutes. Amy is trying to source a machine that could can make candy floss and popcorn or a supplier with a good price. If anyone knows of anyone who can supply these for a good price let me know please.

As always we need to push the fact that we need as many volunteers as possible to help with setting up before and on the day, to help man stalls and to supply things needed, this is a major fundraiser for the school and its intak;e on the day is really needed. During the coming weeks the  Class Reps will help the committee and myself in drumming up this vital support such. I hope to have flyers soon to give each rep for handing out to parents and we will be shortly standing out front with our clip boards to get volunteers.






















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