Summer fair Volunteers Needed:

Preparation Team πŸ™‚

Friday 22nd June. From 2:30. To help organise the games and hall for next Days Summer Fair.

All Hands on Deck πŸ™‚

As many Volunteers as possible on the Day!!!!!!!! To insure that everything runs smoothly for all involved, but especially for our Children.Β  We need to leave the school in the same way that we found it. Clean and organised. So a clean up team for afterwards is needed. At least 15 people for this team, more if possible. To stay behind for a short time and tidy up after the fun of the fair. The more volunteers the less work πŸ™‚

Again for every 1 hour spent helping, people will receive 1 time credit. For more information on the benefits of this programme check out the school website.

If you are willing to volunteer your time (no amount of time is too little or too much) it will benefit your child’s school. Please contact Amy Sines P.T.A chairperson or others members of the P.T.A committee.


We look forward to, with YOUR help, a fun successful summer fair πŸ™‚


The P.T.A committee.






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