6th Class have been working on their “Bhí Mé Anseo” project with Margaret from Garbo Productions. As part of the project, we have looked at Pop Art with a specific focus on Andy Warhol and created our own Warhol portraits.

Please see the school Twitter page for images from the project: https://twitter.com/lucaneastet/status/1115228210688606209

We also explored graffiti art and the work of Banksy in particular. We were given the opportunity to participate in a street art competition where we took pictures of street art in our local area and 5th Class voted on their favourite piece of street art! The winner was “Sibling Soul,” click the link above to see Sibling Soul.

We visited Rua Red art gallery and we viewed and discussed the art from the “Finnegan’s Woke” art exhibition with Lorna from Rua Red and with Margaret. During the visit, we also created a collage in small groups with a message which were displayed in the gallery. Our names were also included on the wall!

Finally, we have been working on our graduation project, a wall mural based on the work of artist James Rizzi. Each student created their own building with a special Rizzi face and design! We also created messages and voted on one message for the wall mural which is “Sometimes you have to fall before you can fly.” We will post finished pictures when it is complete

We will have more information in due course. A huge thanks to Margaret from Garbo Productions for all her help, enthusiasm and support throughout!


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