Board of Management Annual Report 2020/2021

The Board of Management is the school committee charged with the day-to-day management of the school. Under the Education Act of 1998 all schools must have a Board of Management and the functions and responsibilities of the Board are laid out in documents published by the Department of Education and Science.

The Board of Management of Lucan East ETNS for the 2020/21 school year was as follows:

Patron’s Nominee and ChairpersonMeena Baskarasubramanian
Patron’s NomineeGráinne McCormack
School PrincipalGráinne McManus
Teachers’ NomineeMaria McManus
Parents’ NomineeShaista Zeb
Parents’ NomineeAndrew Carton
Community RepresentativeDaniela Buda
Community RepresentativePeter Coakley

In total, the Board of Management met on 8 occasions during the 2020/21 school year.

Please note:  Many of the face to face events that usually happen in Lucan East ETNS did not occur as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

1.    Policy Reviews

The following policies were reviewed and amended as necessary;

·   Child Protection Policy

·   Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment

·   Anti-Bullying Policy

·   Health and Safety Statement

·   Code of Behaviour

·   Covid 19 School Response Plan

·   Covid 19 Risk Assessment

·   Covid 19 Logistics Plan

·   Covid 19 Policy Statement

·   Droichead Policy

·   LCES Enrolment Policy

·   Internet Acceptable Use Poicy

·   School Wellbeing Policies

·   English School Plan

2.    School Events

2020/21 was an unusual but relatively busy year in Lucan East ETNS Together N.S and some of the events included;

·   Health and Wellbeing Week

·   Book Day

·   Friendship Day

·   Seachtain na Gaeilge

·   Science Week

·   Maths Week

·   STEM Week

·   Winter Plays

·   Mobile Farm

·   The Big Dig Archaeology Workshop

·   Multicultural Day 4th June

·   Active Schools Week

·   Talent Shows (in class)

  • 6th Class Graduation – a huge thank you to all of the students and parents who trusted us and supported us during their time with us.

3.    Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings took place remotely in February/March for all classes.  

4.    After-School Clubs

A variety of after school clubs usually take place in Lucan East ETNS but DES and HSE guidelines did not permit them in the 2020/21 school year.

5.    School Achievements

The school year 2020-21 was a quieter year for the students of Lucan East ETNS due to Covid restrictions. Students represented the school with great success in the following areas;

·   Chess Tournament – All-Ireland Schools Chess Championships (online – individual)

  • Chess Tournament – Comhar Linn Event (online-team)

·   Cycle Safety

·   Garbo Productions Workshop

  • Discover Primary Science Award for Science and Maths Excellence

7.    Parent Teacher Association

The 2020/21 PTA Committee consisted of;

ChairpersonLiz Nolan
TreasurerNiamh Brennan
SecretaryColette Darcy
Teachers’ RepresentativeSinéad Gunning

The Parent Teacher Association has a section on the school website. The Board of Management would like to extend its thanks to all parents who have helped out with activities organised by the Parent Teacher Association.  As well as the fundraising events listed below the PTA also assisted with;

·         Parents’ Breakfast Morning

·         Children’s fruit and veg. tasting for health and well-being week

·         Class reps set up Whats-app groups

·        School Garden maintenance and revamp

·         PTA AGM & monthly PTA meetings

·         Parents’ walking group

  • 6th Class Graduation Breakfast

8.    Fundraising

Many events were carried out by the Parent Teacher Association to fundraise for Lucan East ETNS this year. The PTA raised €8327 in 2020/21.  The Board wishes to thank the PTA for their fundraising and to all those who contributed to the school. Some of the events organised by the PTA were;

  • Winter Raffle  1760
  •  Food and Clothing Collection for the homeless
  • Winter Cards 3023.50
  • Sponsored Walk 3543.60

All money raised  going towards new basketball hoops for the yard, outdoor swings for outreach and a Promethean board.

9.    Educate Together News / Ethos

Educate Together welcomed a new CEO – Emer Nowlan – in February 2020.  Lucan East ETNS would like to extend their thanks to Paul Rowe, Educate Together’s Former CEO, for all of his help and support over the years.  We wish Paul all the very best in his retirement.

The school continues to teach the Learn Together Curriculum in all classes and will be reviewing our Learn Together School Plan in the 2020/21 school year.

10.   Staffing

 Staffing for the school year 2020/21 was as follows;

·       Principal:                   Grainne McManus

·       Deputy Principal:    Linda Maher

·       Assistant Principal: Niamh Byrne

·       HSCL Teacher:         Sinéad Gunning

·       Secretary:                 Lesley McGuirk       

·      Support Teachers:  Linda Maher, Simon Moloney, Fiona Martin, Maria McManus/Hannah Quinlan, Melissa Hanney, Karen Davis, Elaine Kennedy; Tom Finnerty, Niall O’Laoghog, Michael Broderick, Kate Smith, Caoimhe Forkan, Paula McGee, Claire Flynn

·       SNAs:           Tracy Byrne; Anita Clarke; Lucy Wong; Pierina Walsh;   Siobhán O’Donoghue;    

                           Kavitha Ravi;  Nikki McGarry; Yvonne Costello;   Orna Thompson; Debbie 

                           Feeney; Sandra McMahon; Siobhan Walsh; Nicola Lahert.

·       Outreach Classes:        Hazel Morrin O’Rourke and Niamh O’Rourke

·       Junior Infants:               Rebecca Morrissey and Eanya Tone

·       Senior Infants:          Noelle Lydon and Deirdre Kelly

·       First Class:                    Sarah McHugh and Linda Jane Murray  

·       Second Class:               Joanna Long and Lorraine Naughton

·       Third Class:                  Conor Mullally and Ryan McKenna

·       Fourth Class:                Sarah Sweeney and Lucy Cross

·       Fifth Class:                   Niamh Byrne and Margaret Leonard

·       Sixth Class:                   Carol O’Loughlin and Niall O’Muineacháin

  • Supply Panel Teachers: Niall O’Callaghan, Eve Campbell, Maria Groarke

The Board of Management would like to extend its thanks to all the staff for their continued hard work throughout the year.

11.  Staffing Developments

The school gained three additional supply panel teachers in the school year 2020/21.

12.  Curricular Developments/Staff Training

·         Staff members completed varied training during the year including Distance Learning Tools, Inclusive and Special Educational Teaching, Rainbows facilitator training, Literacy, Music, Maths, STEM, Wellbeing for Students, Gaeilge, Digital Video in the Classroom, Assessment, History, PE, Global Citizenship, Education for Sustainable Development, Differentiation, Google Educator Training, Reading Recovery, Teaching and Learning in ASD Classes, Numicon, History, Infant Education and Droichead Training.

13.  Improvements to School Building and Infrastructure

Building works were carried out in Lucan East ETNS in the 2020/21 school year as part of the Western Building Systems remediation programme, particularly during the summer months.

In addition to this,

  • A canopy was installed over our main astro pitch  to allow children to do PE outdoors during Covid 19 and to allow them to play outdoors on wet days.
  • A new astro surface was installed in part of the infant playground
  • 4 new interactive panels were installed in classrooms
  • 20 new chromebooks were purchased
  • A Lapcabby storage/charging trolley was purchased (holds up to 32 Chromebooks) 
  • 16 new 32GB iPads purchased, primarily for the junior classes
  • A number of staff laptops were replaced with new HP/Lenovo models
  • We contacted Camara Ireland with a view to donating old projectors for refurbishment and/or parts for deployment in other educational settings but they were not something that they could use so we recycled old equipment using RecycleIT.
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