All this week we have been learning division and about seahorses. We had a new division board. We now have new ways of naming division: dividend (number that is being divided- usually the big number), divisor ( the number you are dividing by or the number of groups you are making) quotient ( the answer or how many are in each group) and that is another way to talk about  division.

We made some plant people using compost, seeds and tights. We made clothes for them and stuck them on. We and they are growing lots of hair everyone in the class made one.

We were using a cup made out of newspaper to hold our other plants. Nureen and Ashraqat showed us how to make them.

We are doing challenges as well on transport old & new. We were also learning about dinosaurs and extinct animals.

We are collecting potatoes to experiment with in science, we are investigating electricity at the moment.

We always have a geography test on Friday and are trying to learn all the counties in Ireland and where they are, it’s hard at beginning but it gets easier the more you try!



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