Monday: We did cycling for an hour.We had a lot of fun.Tuesday: 5th class went to the sci fest in Kishogue. There were 2 groups each group containing 3 people.We were there all day.Sci fest was a contest and we won!Wednesday:On Wednesday we did a 3D art and a realistic eye.Thursday:We did peace proms because we were going to peace proms on Saturday.We practise for 30-40 minutes.Friday: On Friday we did four tests, We had a English test, two Irish tests and a maths test.Saturday: We went to the RDS for peace proms.We went at 11 AM And arrived at 5:40 PM. In the RDS we sang a lot of songs.We rehearsed then the parents came and we sang the songs to them peace proms were extremely fun!!
-By Jan and Nabhan



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