Where are you from?
When did you move to Lucan?
1. Why did you come to live in Lucan?

2. How did you come to send your child to this school?

3. What is your favourite thing about the school?

4. Do you have a favourite memory of your child’s first few days at school?

5. How do you think the school has changed?

6. How do you see the school developing in the future?

7. Parent Question: Does Lucan East resemble your school in any way?

This questionnaire will form part of our time capsule. Each one returned will be vacuum packed to ensure that it is preserved and will be buried along with the contributions of the children and teachers. It will be dug up in 2041 and will give the children who will be in the school then an idea of what Lucan East and Lucan was like in 2011.



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