Peru Class Book Launch

During February and March, Peru class decided to practice our narrative writing skills.We let our imaginations drive the ideas, what began as a story making activity led to the creation of 31 books complete with blurbs, illustrations and front covers.

The process was a long one: Planning – using a spider diagram to decide the characters, setting and the problems that our stories would face! (And eventually solve!)

Conferencing – with our peers and our teachers (Sarah and Deirdre) about our ideas, structure and character/plot development.

Drafting      – Writing our stories in their first form.

Assessment – We used a Success Criteria to self assess. The points on the Success criteria were:

1. Mechanics (Full stops, capital letters, Speech marks)

2. Interesting verbs and adjectives

3. Careful spelling

Teachers helped out with assessment, ensuring interesting adjectives were always used to help bring the stories to life! We also had a ban on the word said. There were so many more interesting words that we could use – exclaimed, muttered, whispered ….!

The final stage was Publishing and creating the book. Each individual to the child. Some were about Polar bears and global warming in the North Pole, some spoke about fairies in the magical Fairyland and others about missing puppies in the deep dark forest. The ideas were endless and fantastic!


The Book Launch

We made and wrote invitations to each member of Iceland class, we invited anyone who had a connection to our class that might be able to attend.

It was time to Launch our creations!

We made bookmarks for our guests to bring away with them in hopes that they would love reading as much as us!

Our book launch was a massive success and everybody was blown away with the creativity, confidence and interest that Peru class had in reading, writing and creating imaginative ideas.


Peru Class- The authors

Looking back at the Launch- our favourite parts:

  • We got to use our imaginations and show other people that our imaginations are all different. – Adam
  • I liked making the front cover of my book because I got to draw Quechua. (main character)- Liya
  • I liked working at the Irish section and reading about people in Irish – Abbie (Since we love writing as Gaeilge also we had an Irish writing stand where we had written about ourselves and our weekend as Gaeilge)
  • I liked listening to other peoples stories because it was very interesting – Steven
  • I liked making the front cover and the blurb – Luke
  • I liked reading other peoples stories because it was interesting seeing how their imaginations worked – EmmaC64nj7KWcAA6oB6