Principal’s News

I cannot believe we are coming to the end of September and what a great month it has been. It has been truly heartwarming to see and hear our students playing happily in the yard and busily working in their classrooms. Our school is a welcoming, educational home away from home for our pupils and staff once again.

Thank you all for helping us to achieve this goal over the last number of weeks. Long may it last!

Pupil Personal Insurance

Pupil Personal Protector Accident Insurance is offered to all pupils in the school.

The school has its own public liability insurance which insures the school against theft, fire and claims however Pupil Personal Protector Accident Insurance covers your child on a 24 hour basis in cases of personal injury. This insurance is underwritten by AIG and is designed to provide financial support for parents to meet some of the medical, dental and other bills that arise when serious accidents happen.

The cost of this insurance is €7.65 and can be paid using our online payment system. You will have received a separate email/text for this and can pay up until 30th September.

We recommend that all parents avail of this insurance. If you have any queries regarding this, please ask in the office or email

Enroling for September 2021

We will be publishing our revised Admissions Policy and Annual Admissions Notice at on the 1st October and will be opening up for enrolments in our mainstream classes on 8th October. If you have a younger child starting school in September 2021 please enrol them as soon as enrolments open on 8th October to ensure they get a place in Lucan East ETNS.


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We hope you all enjoy your weekend and look forward to seeing everyone again next Monday, bright and early.

Warm wishes,