Brief Explanation Of How The School Books Club Works:



We feel and hope that this scheme will be of interest and benefit to all families within the school.

Towards the end of each school year we are all faced with the book list and the thought of handing over a substantial sum of money in one go.

Basically this scheme gives parents the option to spread the cost of these books over the school year, you can give as much or as little as you like to either have the vast majority paid off by the end of the year or the full amount.


Payment is taken once a month only. In September each child will be sent home with a registration form. If you are interested in joining you simply fill in this form with your child/children’s name and the class that they are due to go into in September 2013 (i.e: Junior infants who are due to start this September will be Paying off for Senior Infants Books for the following September). You will then be given a record book and number, which you bring along for a receipt of payment each month.


There are 2 options of payment, PTA will sit and collect the money in person once a month. Normally in the school hall, and record it in each members record book. There will also be the option for those parents who work, or find it hard to get into the school in the morning, to send their child in with their record book within a brown envelope, which will be provided, this goes into a box in their class where it will be collected and recorded and sent home.


We look forward to the success of this next year and in the years that follow. We believe that it will be of great benefit to those involved.


Kind Regards,




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