School News

We had one of the best weeks we’ve had in over a year in Lucan East ETNS this week. With the sunshine, the farm animals, our Multi-cultural celebrations, our new Junior Infants visiting and the pizza party in 6th class there were smiles all around.

Agri Aware’s Mobile Farm

On Tuesday we welcomed Farmer Pat and his farm animals to the school. There was a sheep dog, a calf, two baby lambs, 2 pigs, ducks and ducklings, a hen and a rooster. Pat taught all of our pupils and teachers so many interesting things about the animals and he even had his sheep dog Gwen showing us her clever tricks. The children got to touch and pet the animals and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Everyone in Lucan East ETNS would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Pat. The Mobile Farm exceeded our expectations and he ensured that every child in the school got to engage with his workshop which was a huge surprise to us all.

Multi-Cultural Day in LEETNS

Today we celebrated Multi-Cultural Day in Lucan East ETNS. The children decorated the school in flags they had made representing different countries around the world, many of our students wore clothes that represented their cultures to school, and the children learned from each other about their cultures. It was a such a lovely day to celebrate each child’s own culture and was an opportunity to share an important part of their identity with their classmates and the school.

Pizza Party in 6th Class

Due to Covid restrictions our 6th Class teachers have been very creative and have organised different activities for our 6th class students every Friday to see them to the end of the year. Today was their Pizza Party day. Níall and Niall brought in their pizza ovens from home, the class made the pizza’s and they cooked and enjoyed the pizzas outside in the sunshine. What a great activity! The smell of pizza around the school was mouthwatering.

Car washing last week, pizzas this week, I wonder what next week will bring for 6th class? Watch this space.

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We hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend in the sunshine and look foward to being back in school again next Tuesday.

Warm wishes,