Hi this is the week of Poland class we had lots of fun and also its was maths week.We did litter picking with real litter pickers and the experience was absolutely amazing  the litter picking followed our learning of recycling. Since we went litter picking we decided to make recycling poster for the people to learn not to litter. We also did an fantastic science experiment on cups when we put water in a cup and took a piece of cardboard and placed it on the top of the cup and we put a bucket underneath the cup after doing all that we flipped the cup over and no water spilled out (well for most people it did) a few days later we had the BOOK FAIR….The book fair started on

Thursday and its open in the mornings  and after school . Parents and children have already been coming to our book fair . This morning it was really busy and the PTA have really been busy too . Everybody really loves our book fair and the books . On Wednesday our Autumn disco was on after school . The PTA were busy at that too.#

bellvy and hadiya




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