Annual General Meeting of the Parent Teacher Association

Annual General Meeting of the Parent Teacher
Association.      Lucan East Educate
Together National School

Wednesday 26th September 2012



P.t.a Chairperson Amy Sines welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked
them for their attendance.


P.t.a secretary Carol Hussey gave a report of last year’s events.


Parent teacher Association events
throughout the last school year 🙂


September – School
photos (single child or siblings)

September – Book Club starts.

September – Liberties Clothes

October – Dress up for national Book

November – School Calendar is for

December -The Winter Fair.

March – Buy fresh Shamrocks for St.
Patrick’s Day.

March – Irish food tasting day.

April – Spring Clean at the

April – Mad Hair Day.

June – Flora Women’s Mini Marathon.

June – Summer Fair.


the last year Parent’s have taken part in the above events as well as: joining
in on the Maths for Fun Programme. Reading with the Junior Infants classes.
Parent Art and sewing classes. Helping teachers with the Food Dude programme.
There has been English language classes and driving theory classes available to
parents in the school. Helping out with the annual book fair’s visit to the
school. Parents joined together in writing personal stories from their own
childhood to make a book of short stories, call Tales of Kishogue Cross. This
was launched by the Mayor of Lucan along with the new school art and sculpture.
Over all it is plain to see that Parents play an important role in the school community
in Lucan East Educate together National School 🙂 It is no longer a case of
dropping your child at the school doors and knowing nothing about their world
there. School plays a big part in our children’s life’s so it is only obvious,
there can be nothing but rewards, when we show an interest in what is going on
within the school walls 🙂 It is a blessing that the school allows parents to
be this involved. We look forward to taking part in future events 🙂


P.t.a Vice Chairperson Natalie Sayed gave reports on


  • The school
    book club.


We feel and
hope that this scheme will be of interest and benefit to all families within
the school. Payment is taken once a month only. There are 2 options of payment,
PTA will sit and collect the money in person once a month on the 1st
Wednesday of each Month, in the school hall. There will also be the option for
those parents who work, or find it hard to get into the school in the morning,
to send their child in with their record book within their brown envelope,
which will be provided, this goes into a box in their class where it will be
collected and recorded and sent home.


  • Class and
    language representatives.


It is hoped that there will be 2 Parent representatives in each class,
to pass on
information to
others parents from the p.t.a meetings and about upcoming events.

We also hope to have a representative for each of the different
languages in our school community, to translate information for those parents
whose first language is not English. This way we can include everyone and make
sure that events are properly advertised.
We can also gain new ideas for events.


  • Time


How the new system of time banking and volunteering for the Parent
teacher association works. How this benefits all involved (the school, the
students and the volunteers themselves) 1 hour volunteering gains 1 time
credit. Which can be used for after school clubs, play zone vouchers and
hopefully a few other activities in the near future.



Chairperson Amy Sines Spoke about Plans the p.t.a
have for the 1st term of this new school year.

September – Class Photos (individuals &

September – Registration for this year’s book
club. And then monthly collections of monies for the book club after that.

October 5th – Painting the school Mural.

October – Coffee mornings for parents of the new junior infant classes

October 26th Friday – Dress up as your favourite character
from a book (coin collection)

Oct-Nov – School Calendars will be finalised and available to buy.

November – General Coffee mornings begin for Parents of senior infant
classes and above.

December – Our Annual Winter Fair 🙂


Amy also gave
a rough Idea of events planned throughout the rest of the year. These will be
advertised on the p.t.a section of the school website once committee members
meet to discuss the planned events. We look forward to another fun filled,
productive year ahead for the p.t.a and therefore the school community.

A financial report was given for the school year
September 2011 to June 2012.

Money raised by the Parent teacher association
events total just €9,300.


Money raised by the p.t.a events (after
expenditures) helped the school with the following –


  • Outdoor
    Classroom €2,700
  • Artificial
    grass €1,500
  • Reading
    books for lift off to literacy €2,500
  • Swimming
    lessons €200
  • PE
    equipment and yard toys €500
  • Time
    banking credit purchase €500

Total monies adding to €7,700

Areas that the school hope we can help with in
this year are –

  • Raised
    beds for the school garden.
  • Developing
    the book rental scheme.
  • More Yard
    and playground equipment.
  • Extra
    stage equipment.
  • Computer
    maintenance (this cost €5000 per year which the school receives no funding
  • Library
    books and readers.
  • General
    running costs for the school.



Grainne – the school Vice Principal, gave a presentation on the new
Relationship and sexuality programme that will begin this year throughout the
school. Details will be sent home when each individual class starts the
programme. More information about this programme is available in the school.
Grainne is also available if anyone wants to arrange a meeting threw Leslie the
school secretary.



Eddie – The school Principal gave his report on the following


  • Our Ethos
    and what it means to learn together.
  • Celebrating
    achieving (positives in place of negatives) Stars of the week.
  • Parents
    form a vital part of any educate together school.
  • The
    Importance of receiving the weekly newsletter (sign up on school website)
    Keep up to date with news from your Childs Class.
  • Extra
    curricular Activities. (After school clubs etc)
  • Parents
    becoming involved in Literacy & Maths programmes in the classroom.
  • Update
    on the Green school and children’s council in the school.
  • Outreach
    classes will hopefully open in the school year 2013/2014.
  • New
    Caretaker and cleaning company.
  • Fire
    drills to take place twice a term.
  • Aladdin
    schools (The computer programme the school uses)
  • The
    mobile Library visits the school the 1st Wednesday of each month.
  • Tom
    Costello will continue to work on the HSCL
  • School
    assembly held each Friday Morning in the school Hall.





some other Goals Eddie has for this school year –




Winter and
Summer Fair



sing along

Links to
local community

Ethos day
(display in school hall – getting the message out

    there of what an educate together school

Display –
(Niamh) Learn Together, Gaeilge, Literacy, Maths,

   LED screen.


existing Committee members were voted back to the p.t.a for another school
year. Details of the p.t.a committee is on the parents section of the


Finished by thanking those who attended the meeting and opened the Floor for
any Questions. The Following questions were discussed –


together Secondary School?

Parents feel that advice on children traveling safely To/from School in cars is

Park Safety Issues?

the Junior Classes enter the school a few minutes early on wet winter mornings?


questions will be discussed at our next P.T.A meeting, which is planned for
Early October. Notice for this meeting will be given via text message and the
notice board, as well as the school website. As people left the meeting forms
of interest were handed out. One form was asking about ideas for a parents
evening. The 2nd form was to let people know areas that the p.t.a
still need volunteers. We as always value feedback from the school community.

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