We are definitely ending the 2021/22 school year on a high note in Lucan East ETNS.

Active Schools Week

This week we had our annual Active Schools Week. Every class had daily activities and were split into teams – red, yellow, blue and green. This created a great buzz around the school as each colour teams scores throughout the school were being tallied on a whole school scoreboard with the winners to be announced tomorrow, Friday. A big thank you to Niamh and the teachers for making it such a great week for the students.

Each class also completed the school walk seperately as a Sports Week activitiy and a fundraiser for the school. Thanks to Sinead and the PTA for organising this.

We also had a number of classes who went to the park for sports activities.

One thing’s for sure – Our students were definitely very active all week. Well done to you all.


Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class were lucky enough to have a magician visit them for a magic show. The was lots of laughter that day and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you Karen for organising this!


The end of year reports will be available for parents on aladdin next week. All of our students worked extremely hard all year and we are very proud of all of their efforts. Maith sibh!

Sherpa Kids

We are delighted that Sherpa Kids will be starting with us in September. There has been great interest in the service and as a result they are hoping to run a Breakfast Club from 7.30 am. We will be sending out correspondance on this so keep an eye out.

That’s all the news for this week from Lucan East ETNS. To see pics of all of this week’s activities check out twitter.com/lucaneastet .

Once again enjoy your weekend everyone, stay safe and we’ll see you again bright and early on Monday morning.

Le meas,




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