Procedural Writing

Many classes have been busy this week with their procedural writing. Class cover different genres of writing in different months. Procedural writing affords teachers and students to not only practice their procedural writing but very often they also engage in fun activities that help them to understand the importance of each individual step in the process.

Jamaica class were looking at the steps involved in making hot chocolate. Scotland class were making Rice Krispie buns and Cuba class were making chocolate apples. Not only did all of the classes write great procedures but their hot chocolate, buns and apples all looked delicious too. Well done to all class who have been working on their procedural writing this week.

GAA Teams

Our senior girls’ team were back in action on Tuesday. It’s wonderful to see how far they have come since they started training and playing matches at the beginning of the year.  


Science Technology Engineering and Maths lessons are very popular in Lucan East and this was evident in junior infants Somalia class this week when the boys and girls tried to make spooky walls for the spiders to sit on. These lessons really challenge the children to solve problems and come up with solutions that help them to achieve their objectives.

Maths Week Continued…

It was great to see the friendships that were formed between 6th class and junior infants on Friendship Day being further developed this week. Moldova and Italy classes teamed up for their Maths trail and they really enjoyed learning while having fun at the same time. Similarly, Somalia and Canada classes loved getting together again to enjoy the activities that their teachers had organised for them.

Book Day

Today is always a special day in the calendar of Lucan East ETNS. The children had amazing costumes again today. The staff dressed up as Mr. Men and Little Miss characters.

Reading is something that we place great value on in the school and it is always great to see all of the boys and girls enjoying their books and dressing as their favourite characters. We had a lovely assembly this morning where we got to see a great variety of costumes.

School finishes up today for the mid-term break. We return to school on Monday, November 7th. We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable break.




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